Our Founder

About the Owner

Agree with me or not I believe in retail therapy and the idea that when you look good you feel good. When I started DossCouture in 2018, my dream was for black and brown women to have access to statement tees that were high quality but affordable and visually appealing while boosting confidence. The messages chosen would speak to the audience and honor the community through fashion.

DossCouture’s bright and colorful tees have become a fashion staple that continues to transforms brown and black Women encouraging them to evolve thru fashion and motivate and encourage them to evolve in their thoughts and actions daily.

With a desire to expand the DossCouture brand I also created the Doss Boss Series, a LIVE web series featuring influential women in business, politics, health, beauty, wellness and more.
In addition to being the go-to statement tee for many women in Houston and around the country, DossCouture has been featured on multiple must-have lists to include the Houston Chronicle's own Joy Sewing's list of Black-owned fashion and beauty companies to support.
To date DossCouture,LLC has partnerships with other woman-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations to include Shark Tank Winner & Me and the Bees founder, Mikaila Ulmer, The Women's Fund of Houston, the SmahrtGirl Foundation and Aggie Impact Gala. She is also a member of the Female Founder Collective.
You can find DossCouture tees and more available for purchase online at www.dosscouture.com and numerous boutiques throughout the US and Canada. DossCouture is also available for wholesale.